Nova cornered one of Prima's girls, the one with curly hair, in the lounge.

" You," he addressed her directly.

She practically jumped out of her skin.

" L!- Lyena-Nova! I..." She looked to the side, as though checking to make sure that she hadn't done anything wrong.

" Have you seen Prima?" he asked, continuing on with the same tone. " I wanted to talk to him."

She swallowed, laughed a little nervously. Fiddled around.

" I, um... He actually... He's been spending the past couple days off of the ship...? None of us have seen or heard much of him," she explained smally.

Well, that was a bit strange. He'd been practically inseparable from his posse of women since he'd returned from his ordeal.

Nova huffed.

" That will be all," he said, and then turned, striding away.