" Right, and they've got these shiny scales... I couldn't help but be amazed, seeing that in person, you know?"

" Did you get to go into the city much? What was that like?"

" Oh, it was so alive! There were so many people everywhere, and we went to the shopping district... The clothing stores there were crazy. They had everything in all these different cuts, like every color and pattern you can think of, and... Ah, Brother. What are you doing here?"

The jingle of the diner's bell, and Nova looking down at him.

" I was looking for you," Nova said. " You were pretty easy to find. Just had to ask where the other Starka in town went."

His eyes flicked over to Kou.

" Kou wanted to hear more about Siluria," Prima explained.

" You've spent the past few days just talking to this girl about Siluria?" Nova asked, skepticism evident.

Prima smiled.

" Well, Siluria, and Ruxiam-1, and Sturm, and the Theologica," he said. " Like, you know, stuff like that."

Kou seemed a little nervous; not surprising, given Nova's general presence.

" Where have you slept?"

" I'm coming back to the ship to sleep, honestly," Prima said, face heating up. " It's just always pretty late by the time I get back."

" Mhm."

Nova seemed like he didn't believe that.

" Anyway, um-" Prima looked back over to Kou, apologetic. " Kou, Brother wants me for something, so, I've got to go."

" That's alright," she said, very quickly. " It's not as though I can steal all your time."

Prima stood.

" Oh, it's not thievery, Kou, I really like being with you..."

He couldn't help but feel that Nova looked a little irritated with him.