" My mom got mad at me for hanging out with you so much, you know," Kou said.

" Are you alright?"

Prima sat down next to her on the roof and handed her a drink.

" Mm, yeah. She just yelled at me a little," Kou said.

Pop top.

" That still sucks pretty bad."

Kou took a sip of her drink.

" What was the war like on your side?" she asked. " I never really got to see anything of it. We're such a backwater, after all."

" Mm... I didn't see much of it either... I spent most of my time locked in my room," Prima answered.

" Really?"

" Yeah. Unlike my brothers, they didn't have much use for me on the battlefield."

" ... I'm grateful."

" Why's that?"

" You didn't hurt or kill anybody, so my mom can't be mad at you," Kou said.

" Ah, I guess you're right. That sounds right, doesn't it..."

Two moons.

" But you know, that also means that Lyena-Nova's fit to be condemned."

A silence from Kou.

" He did do bad things, didn't he?"

" ... I don't really know. I was locked away for so long. But... in those days... Whenever I saw him... Brother had such a sad face."