Kirie and Neda had left much earlier.

William had drank too much, so Nova was going to take him back to the ship.

As they were leaving, someone stepped in front of him.

" You're Stheno Madoka," Nova addressed him shortly. " How long have you been here?"

" ... A bit," Stheno answered.

" Quit blocking the door and let us out."

Stheno tipped his head.

" Did he pass out?" he asked.

Nova looked down at how he was holding William.

" ... Probably. Though it's none of your business."

" He never used to drink or anything," Stheno said. " He said he didn't want to ruin his body."

" You should get out of the way now," Nova said, irritated. He was drunk himself; he didn't want to be talking to William's creepy ex.

" If you're out together like this, then that means he likes you a lot, doesn't it? Do you think he likes you? Aren't you the Lyena? Do you seriously think he could like you? William, of all people?"

Nova shoved him out of the way, and left, dragging William with him.