Water running down.

Nova stared down at his tail, soaking wet, and at the hair in the corners in his vision.

... It wasn't as light as Wille's hair, but it didn't look like it belonged to him anymore, either.

It was only after he had washed out all of the bleach that he wondered if he'd went too far.

... It was just that, recently, he had felt strangely disconnected.

... It was just that, recently, Wille had been acting strange, and saying strange things.

... It was just that Stheno Madoka had said those things to him, and for some reason, they had wormed their way into his heart.

It was deeply irrational, and yet he found that he had acted on impulse.

Suddenly he found himself afraid that William might be angry at him for it.

Everything felt terrible, in the post-shower haze of steam.