" -dn't be doing this anymore, William!"

" Like you can understand why! You're happy enough, aren't you?"

" It's w-"

Prima was considering not knocking, and just leaving them to their fight, but the door slid open. Kirie gave him an odd look, voice dying in her throat, and walked past him, an angry stride.

William, leaning back on his desk, smiled a bit wearily when he saw him.

" How much of that did you hear?" he asked cheerfully.

" Not... not anything really, just Kirie yelling something and leaving... Is this a bad time?" Prima muddled through his thoughts awkwardly, unsure of what to say. He hadn't seen them fight before.

" It's fine, we just had a minor disagreement. It's not worth getting shaken up over," William said. A tilt of his head. " Why'd you come by to visit, anyhow?"

" My birthday," Prima replied quickly. " It's just that, my birthday is soon, and I wanted to borrow one of the rec rooms for it..."

" No need for that," William said with a wink. " We're already arranging things."

Prima smiled awkwardly.

" O-oh," he replied. " I guess... that solves that, then..."

" Are you still down about your little girlfriend?" William asked.

Prima jumped a little.

" I mean... It's nice to call and chat with her... It's not like we're not together..."

" Well! That's good."