A steady beat, electronic beeps from medical equipment.

" Where's Kirie? Is Kirie alright?"

The doctor, Lunafreyan, looked up from his medical chart.

" Cadet Kirie Honda? I believe she's in surgery right now. You need to rest, Captain, you've got a concussion, and mild oxygen deprivation symptoms-"

" How long is she going to be in surgery? I know Commodore General Honda probably suspended operations in order to be by her side-"

He paused. The doctor was giving him a strange look.

" ... It'll be another two hours, and then the matter of the night... Captain Masterson, would you mind if I ran another couple cognitive tests?" she asked, voice halting and softer than before.

" There's nothing wrong with my head," he replied immediately. " It's just physical damage from that debris falling."

He couldn't understand her expression.

" Just fix me up as fast as possible. I want to be available when the operation resumes."

She looked down at the chart again, and back up at him.

" Captain Masterson," she entreated. " I understand that you've gone through a great deal of shock, but... Forgive my forthrightness... We've lost. We're retreating. You need to focus on your bedrest, for now-"

" We haven't lost. Commodore General Honda would never retreat at a time like this. Where is he? Let me see him-"