That was how Robert Honda was.

He always had that faint air of suspicion to him, but was kind nonetheless.

William had a great deal of respect for him. He was far sharper than the other adults around, and furthermore, seemed to possess an impressive level of combat prowess.

William wanted to fight him, but knew that he could not. It would upset Kirie. She was annoying when she cried.

She was very annoying in general, but also the only ally he had in the school, and was therefore useful. He was still unused to the concept of someone helping him with no apparent reward.

" Kirie, help me with this," he requested, holding up his paper.

" What's wrong?" she asked, sitting across from him.

He looked down at it.

" On my last worksheet, I had points counted off because the teacher mistook my 'n's for 'u's. And I don't understand these spelling rules. Kirie, help me. I don't like... not being good."

She smiled.

" Okay!"