" You're not reinstating my sentence, little Lyena?"

A woman in a uniform stood in front of him.

Perhaps it was wrong to call her a woman. She seemed more like a girl; only a little older than Mordau. In her early twenties, perhaps.

" I'm commuting it to a life term," he replied shortly. " It's not out of any sentimentality. I sent Ensign Mordau away. I need a new advisor."

" Why me?" she asked.

" You were the one organizing Ifrit's records."

She laughed a little.

" That's right. He and I were close. I knew his organizational system."

Nova suppressed the face he wanted to make at her for that statement. He reminded himself that she was a criminal and criminals had no sense of honor.

" You don't mind that I'm getting rid of the rest of the crew?"

Hannan smiled at him.

" Little Lyena, if I was the sort of person who would have problems with that, I wouldn't have been in the fleet in the first place," she said.

" Is that so."

She tipped her head.

" Besides, Lyena-Ifrit always spoke highly of you as his protégé. I have to abide by his decisions."