Spinning around in his chair.

Much to think about.

General Masterson had definitely said several things in front of Nova that he had been doing his best to conceal.

As a matter of selfishness, of course. Strategic benefit towards his own personal gain.

Which wasn't exactly proper procedure, but it was also the total opposite of collusion.

He had been waiting for his contacts on Ferni to relay more information about this Chancillor Mordau's intentions before mentioning it to Nova.

After all, it was a known fact that he had engaged in many less than ethical operations during the war.

It was also a known fact that he was a close confidante of the Lyena.

He could make a certain guess about what that phrase was a euphemism for.

And he didn't really understand or like how he felt about that.

Well, there was nothing to be done for it. He'd have to shift into damage control mode, try to have everything cleaned up in time for Prima's birthday.