" Lina, it's getting late..."

" It's fine! I was thinking of staying... a little later... if that's alright."

Eyes cast aside.

" Are you alright with medical stuff?"

" Ah? What do you mean?"

He opened the drawer next to his bed.

" I've got a shot I need to take, like, in my upper thigh. So... If you're not squeamish or anything about it, I was wondering if you would like to help."

" Mm. I'll help you, Prima."

The fabric of the sheets shifting.

" Here."

" This needle is so big... Will you be alright?"

" It doesn't hurt that much. And I'll have to do it for a couple of months until my body gets used to it..."

" Is that so...?"

" Do you want to hold my hand?"

" You're making so much of it, Lina. Just press down until..."