Lina tugging on his sleeve.

" Hurry up, Prima-"

" Right, right, you don't have to drag me-"

She opened the door to a dark room.

There was a moment where he was looking in.

The lights flicked on, and William threw glitter in his face.

" Happy birthday, Prima!" The girls all called out to him.

Lina pulled him into the room, smiling, and he followed. Loud traditional music was playing; there was a table set with an arrangement of food and snacks. There were presents. Nova was leaned up in a corner, transparently pretending not to care much about what was going on. Prima wasn't quite sure what to do.

" I wasn't quite sure what to arrange, since I don't really know how Starka celebrate birthdays," Kirie said to him, handing him a gift-wrapped bottle. " I got you some wine since you're of age to drink now. It's not much, but I thought you would appreciate it."

" Prima!" Another familiar voice called out to him; Lori flounced up, a spark in her step. " Come try some of the food! Lina showed me how to cook a lot of Starka stuff-"

" Mm, you're a good cook, Lori!" Lina agreed, and they were both pulling him over to the table.