" You've been missing class, William."

" I turn in all my papers on time. My grades are still good. I haven't violated attendance policy. Is there a problem?"

" It's just that I like seeing you..."

" I'm sorry that I've been busy."

" This could be a real problem unless we work it out together, William."

" Mr. Lane...?"

He didn't know what to do in this situation, so he smiled, awkwardly, fake emotion plastered on his face.

" I don't like that you're running around with that senior. He's going to end up causing trouble for you."

" Please don't do that."

A grimace.

" Mr. Lane, please do not do that," he repeated himself, panicking internally.

" If you would just listen-"

The door slid open.

In William's mind, at that moment, what he wanted most was-

Not to fight someone who was supposed to be an authority figure; but to get away, as well- Stheno didn't care for authority; Stheno knew how to say no to people; he wished that Stheno was there to help him-

" William!? What's going on-"