Biohazard decontamination levels one, two, three, four, five, six.

It felt like it was taking forever. His mind wandered.

Once he was clean, he went back to his office, swift and single-minded. Kirie and Sivira tailed him.

" William, what happened? Why were you gone so long? I was so worried-"

" Commodore General, how are we going to deal with the hull once the interior is burnt out? What about processing for the biological samples? Your instructions on how to handle the casualty reports were confusing-"

William paused at his door.

" It'll be done burning within the next forty-eight hours. We're going to have it run through a mass compressor and coated in synthetic resin before incineration. The biological samples are to go into cryogenic storage under level-6 biohazard containment procedure. The casualty reports, are, as I've stated, to remain undetailed. Double the financial compensation for the families involved under Accidental Death Clause 4-A. Furthermore, I would like to see Private CddrsĂȘ after her decontamination personally. She is not to return to her ship until we've spoken."

His voice felt uncharacteristically hard.

He hadn't had to deal with a situation like this in a long while.

Kirie spoke with him again as he opened the door and went through.

" Lyena-Nova's worried about you," she said. " When we're done with confidential dealings, will you go see him?"

" Well, the issue is settling our confidential dealings first," William replied. " This'll probably take a while."