" Oh, this is terrible... First Nova's been avoiding me all day, and now Kirie's run off with Sector 05... Oh, Prima, are you the only one still on my side?" William bemoaned, with an exagerrated sigh as he slumped down on his desk.

" I'm not on anyone's side except my fan club's," Prima answered blithely, pausing to take a picture of himself in apparent response to a message from a girlfriend.

" I want Nova heeeeeeere," William whined, still face down on important paperwork.

" Go get him, then," Prima said, typing.

" He's avoiding meeeee..."

" You two are so stupid sometimes," Prima remarked, still viciously texting. " Last time he thought you were avoiding him, he sat around complaining to me too."

" That's different!" William tried to argue.

" I can't really help because I never have these problems with my girlfriends," Prima said. " We're organizing a fan club table tennis tournament for this weekend. Do you wanna come?"

" Of course not, I'm not in your fan club! Don't you think it's a problem you have so many girlfriends you can have a sports tourney?"

" I mean, they all love me and they don't fight about it, so it's not an issue."

" Hmph."

" Seriously, just go talk to him."

" Ughhhhh."

" You're both adults, quit acting like little kids," Prima scolded. " I'm like, a little baby compared to you. Grow up and go talk about it."

" When did you get so mean. What the fuck."

" Your fault. Now deal with it."