" Oh, it's late... You haven't gone back to, uh, the Lyena's room yet?" Kirie asked, surprised that William was still in his office. He wasn't doing much of anything.

" I was waiting up for you," William said.

" Oh," she said.

" Prima said you went off somewhere with General Eyre's secretary," William said.

" Yeah, uh. She wanted me for a video conference with Dawson. I got some good news out of it, at least," Kirie said, tone apologetic and awkward as she waved a recording chip. " They didn't notice me recording."

" Well, what deep state secrets did you dig up, then?" William asked, visibly tired.

" There's really... not that much. They know you have the sample in storage and that you're getting a researcher from Lyena-Nova already, which was weird. It hasn't been long and I don't know who could've leaked it..."

" The fifth line communications officer reports to Sivira," William responded, slumping back in his seat. " Reassign her to supply management on the Icythologica. Then put in the eighteenth line officer in her spot. Have papers drawn up by the first weekday."

" Um, is that... all?" Kirie asked.

" What else is there to ask?" William responded.

" You said you waited up for me," Kirie said.

" I always wait up for you," William responded.

She smiled nervously.

" I, um... I'll have a more detailed report for you tomorrow," she said.

" Alright. Let me put all this away, and I'll go to bed. You rest too," William said, starting to tidy the desk.

" Yeah. Good night, William," she said.

" Good night."

Kirie left.