...The Lyena's ship came back to port. He only had a month left until his coming of age duel.

He went to greet him, as he usually did.

The room was already empty. Kaama's mother was mopping the floor.

" Ardnand, has I... Lyena been through here?" Nova asked quietly, hovering in the doorway.

She sighed, and looked up at him.

" Nova, please let the Lyena have time to rest," she said, as though he had asked something that was a bother.

" ... He always comes to see me when he gets home," Nova protested awkwardly.

" Nova, let Lyena have time to rest," she reiterated, her voice firmer.

There would no getting anything out of her; she was always like steel, unflinching in her decisions. He huffed, and shuffled away, back to his room.

It was lonely, and dark.