" Ah, Lyewa. The Commodore General said you'd give me a tour of the facilities," she said. She was standing primly, hair tied back, in a nondescript uniform.

" You can just call me Prima, it's alright," he said. " And yeah, I mean, there's not that much to be concerned about, with the ship, I mean. I always have a pretty easy time getting around."

" I would rather address royalty by rank, Lyewa," she stated.

" Right. If you're more comfortable with that, yeah," he said.

" My name is Noctis ban Marwell," she said.

" I heard your given name from William earlier," he said. " Then Marwell's Ulgir's sister?"

" Very perceptive, aren't you," she said.

He got the feeling he had somehow made a bad first impression.