He woke up.

He woke up feeling different, somehow, and there wasn't any snow on the ground.

As a matter of fact, it was quite hot outside.

He shrugged off his summer coat and stood up, looking down.

... He felt very strange. He couldn't tell what had changed at first.

" Oi, Henry! There you are!"

Ian waved up at him.

But he didn't look right, either.

" We're doing double dates tonight, alright?! Double dates!"

... This scene had happened before.

He'd done this before.

He remembered it.

Back in his memory, he had laughed, and said, You know my master is leaving town tonight, Ian, I have to see him off.

Instead he stared down at him, and stared down at his hands, overwhelmed by dread.

" ... Is this a dream?" he asked out loud.

" May-be, but I tell you, that perfumer from the next town over- she's 100% real! Come on and wake up, Henry!"

... This happened the week before his nineteenth birthday.

His swordsmanship master's carriage was ambushed, and he was killed.

The next year, the dying demon lord of the east was suddenly thrown out by his successor, and war began. But, even before then...

" Sorry, Ian, I really can't make it," Henry said, voice tense. " You know I have something really important to do."

" Oh, come on, that old geezer'll be back next spring," Ian complained.

" I'm not the kind to disrespect their elders," Henry replied, starting to walk down the hill. " I need to give him a proper send off."

He still wasn't sure whether he was dreaming or not.

But, if he could prevent the senseless death of his master...

Any person would do the same, right?