In passing, Henry looked up information on the otherworlders of yore. The summoning ritual had been totally lost, and none had come to the continent in well over five hundred years.

None of the information was very helpful to him.

It was spatial magic, but appeared to work in a completely different way from what had happened to him.

Aislin came up to him while he was studying, and looked over his shoulder.

" What."

" Um, the Encyclopædia de Intra-Spata... I was just surprised that you're looking at it," Aislin said.

" I thought it'd be of use to me," Henry said stiffly. " But I've yet to find anything."

" Um... You can't use magic, though, can you, Henry?" Aislin asked. " Thinking of it, you were looking at the magic section of the restricted materials, too..."

" Just because I can't practice it doesn't mean I can't learn theory," Henry said.

" If you need me to try something for you, I can-"

" Leave me alone, Aislin."

Aislin stepped back from him.

" Right. You're trying to read. I'm sorry."