Normally, there would be a procession when a newly-appointed knight arrived back from the capital with the royal seal, and a great feast.

But Henry returned quietly, and he ate a normal dinner. And then he went to Ornstein's room.

Aislin was sitting in there with him, talking. He stopped once Henry opened the door; he caught only the tail end of a snippet of conversation.

" I'm back," Henry said. " They're doing the actual ceremony tomorrow, but... here."

He brought the royal seal to Ornstein.

" You don't have to force yourself to write," Henry said.

" I... I'd like to," Ornstein managed to gasp out. Aislin looked at him with concern. He simply motioned. " Bring me a pen, Aislin."

" Yes, Grandfather," Aislin acquiesced, and he looked through the drawer of the bedside table, producing one.

Ornstein shakily signed the paper.

" I'm... so happy... to see the two of you here by my side," he said. " For you both to... follow in my footsteps... is like a dream."

" Anything for you, Master Ornstein," Henry said.