" How was the capital?" Aislin asked him as they left; Ornstein had fallen asleep.

" I got you a cigarette holder," Henry said stiffly, and he retrieved a small package from the inner pocket of his vest. " I'm not entirely sure what things you like, but the one you have is sort of plain and beaten up, so here. It's fair trade since you got me that book."

Aislin smiled, accepting it as they walked. He untwisted the twine delicately, pulling it from brown paper.

" Henry..."

" The shopkeep thought I was getting it for a woman; it was a bit embarrassing."

Aislin held it up and turned it around, as though very pleased. It was metal, inlaid with lacquered wood that had been magically color-shifted to black and various shades of red- made to look like it had roses on it.

" This is so nice, Henry," Aislin said.

" Do you like it?" Henry asked.

" Yes," Aislin replied.

...His face was gently misted red, like he'd stepped out into the cold.