" ...And that'll be all for today. Please copy down pages one hundred seventy-five through one hundred eighty-two from Lord Chanticleer's Eponymous Movements as the homework for tonight; I'll expect to see it tomorrow."

Henry stood next to the door, watching the young students in the magecraft class file out, complaining amongst themselves that the amount of work was too harsh.

" Aislin," he called out.

Aislin was returning his books to his bag, standing by the front podium. His expression seemed dark, but when he looked up and saw Henry, he smiled.

" What is it?" he asked. " You've never come to call on me after my class is over before."

" I meant to ask for help with some things in the book you got me," Henry said. " There's a few things in there I don't understand, despite my efforts to study."

" Ah? How unusual. Aren't you a well-read man?" Aislin asked, making his way over.

" I've only been studying this for just over a half-year now, so it's reasonable that I've come across something confusing. I'm just grateful I have someone here I can talk to about it."

" I'd like to know the contents of the book too," Aislin said. " It's very unusual subject matter. I'd be happy to help."

" That's good to hear."

" Shall we go back to your room, then?"