He helped Aislin up to the room, and set up the divider screen so that the man could bathe in privacy.

Mage-warmed well water didn't exactly make for a luxurious bath, but it was the best they could do right now, anyway. He was lucky that Laurana liked him enough to give him a discount.

He looked at Aislin's neatly folded clothes. Since they were black, it was hard to tell how burnt they were until he was up close.

They reeked of char and smoke in a way that Henry knew from experience wouldn't come out.

" Aislin," he called out. He heard a little jump, a splash of water.

" Yes, Henry...?" ...Aislin's voice was still so cracked and wavery.

" Your clothes are ruined," Henry said. " I have extra in my pack. You can wear some of mine to bed, and to go into the capital tomorrow."

Aislin didn't reply for a moment.

" You don't have to go that far," he said.

" I'm the one that left. I'm only taking responsibility for it," Henry said.

" You don't have to," Aislin protested again.

" What else will you wear? Use your head."

Aislin didn't reply.