moving day.

Her mother bought a new house in the city, and they packed up all their things, and didn't talk for the entire drive out.

Vida leaned against the car door and stared out the window at the gently rolling hills they were passing. Everything was green- green with kudzu vines. They hugged the skeletal silhouettes of the massive trees that they had choked out, and stretched for what looked like forever.

Her head hurt and she was still taking medicine, but the second that the doctor had said it might be okay for her to go home, she had been checked out. Her arm was in a cast. Her mother hadn't been looking over at her too terribly much.

... But she didn't mind. It was alright. Her mother had always been that sort of person.

" Mom?" She spoke quietly, in an almost tremulous sort of tone.

Her mother looked surprised that Vida had spoken.

" What is it, honey?"

She was staring straight ahead at the road.

" ... I miss David."

Her knuckles were white, gripping the steering wheel.

" Then just quit being... That way."

Nothing else was said.