token appearances.

They got to the school a little bit before lunch- they were in separate lunch blocs. Honora had smiled a little bit.

... Vida liked seeing her smile.

" I hope you have a good day, Vida. See you tomorrow!"

She didn't like the lunch that much, and when she stared down at the plastic tray and the sickly vegetables, she found herself thinking intensely of Klaude.

Klaude, who wasn't real, who wasn't her Klaude, her Klaude, who wasn't real...

She dumped her tray and slid it over to the lady in charge of washing them. She was sort of on autopilot and not paying attention to her surroundings.

Klaude had been very, very important to her, but how?

He had said very, very important things to her, but what?

... It hurt her to think about. An ache. Like she was making a grave mistake by forgetting Klaude.

But Klaude wasn't real! Wasn't real! Product of a damaged mind-!

" Ah!"

She had bumped into someone. A girl. Her tray spilled onto Vida's shirt.

Vida immediately stumbled back and sort of stared blankly. She then began apologizing profusely.

" I, I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going! I didn't mean to-"

She was short and a bit thick but looked up at Vida with concern.

... Another familiar face that she couldn't place.

" No, it's okay, I wasn't either! Here, um, I think we wear around the same shirt size, I'll let you borrow my extra shirt..."

Vida was surprised by the readiness of the offer.

" Y-yeah, I'm sorry, that would be fine..."