And God? Where is God? I knew him once, and he was beautiful.

And God? Where is God? He's everywhere. In all those hateful things. Resplendent in knowing that his power will rule everything forever, untouchable. When something doesn't please him, he condemns it. But everything made to appease him? It doesn't matter.

There was the flash of hallway lights, an IV stand, the rattling of wheels and shouting doctors.

Yet Vida was seated in a red armchair, in a room framed by red curtains, with a red and black checkered tile floor. A single lamp. A marble statue.

A curtain parted and David walked in.

He put a record on.

" I close my eyes... Then I drift away... Into the magic night..." He closed his eyes.

He lit up like a thousand-eyed angel and the wind around him was a spiral unseen. He laughed. He untucked his flowy button up shirt and danced around the room. Confetti and party streamers started falling and children were laughing.

" Because together all these things can only happen in my dreams! Only in dreams! In beautiful dreams!"

And the light went out. And he stood in front of the chair Vida was in.

He looked down at her.

" Why won't you just fucking die?"